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Construction Bid Solicitation

One of the most important preliminary steps in your building project is soliciting bids to potential contractors. These bids will outline the scope and details of your building project and will be bid on by subcontractors who wish to work with you.

To ensure you get the results you want from the right people, it’s important that you create high-quality, detailed bids outlining every aspect of your proposed project. Gooss & Associates AIA is happy to help you make them.

To get started on the bid solicitation process, we invite you to contact us at (804) 643-5707 today.

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Construction Bid Solicitation

Understanding Bid Solicitation in the Construction Process

If you are halfway through, or even at the beginning stages of a building project, you know how many moving pieces there are. So naturally, you will need to hire qualified experts to put these pieces together and bring your vision to fruition. But how do you know who is best suited for the job? And how do you know whether you’re getting the best bang for your buck? That’s where the bid solicitation process comes in.

It’s our job to help you develop bid packages that prospective subcontractors can review. The package will outline every detail of the building project, from necessary wiring to permits, timeline, budget, design, and so much more. Creating a detailed package is essential if you want to achieve accurate results and attract the right kind of help.

These bidding packages will be reviewed by contracting companies. If these companies wish to work with you on the project, they will submit a bid and essentially compete for the job with other contractors. You will then choose your crew based on the offer they make and how qualified they are for the job.

Trust Our Experts to Translate Your Building Requirements into Language for Contractors

Creating bids that make sense to different kinds of contracting companies isn’t easy, but our team can help. We have the language to explain the scope of your project and its various aspects. Our architects have years of experience producing professional bids and soliciting them to potential candidates.

We look forward to helping you streamline the bid solicitation process.

Get the Bids You Need to Get Started on Your Project

Once the bidding process is complete, you will have the workforce you need to start your building project. When you trust our experts, you can expect:

  • Detailed, well-organized bids
  • Access to the industry’s best subcontractors
  • Competitive bids
  • Great rates
  • Professional guidance
  • Answers to your questions

Reach Our Team to Start the Bid Solicitation Process

If the time has come to enlist the area’s best subcontractors to bring your construction project to life, discuss bid solicitation with our team. We will help you develop bids that accurately outline the scope of your project and introduce them to eligible contractors. With our help, you can find superior building services at great rates, and trust that your project will come together without a hitch.

Contact us to get started today!

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