Sustainable Building Designs in Fairfax

In a world that has slowly become dominated by industry, finding new ways to interact with our environment has become critical. Architecture is one of the most visible ways that we humans impact the environment, and our philosophy is that we may as well put it to good use.

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Leading in Sustainable Architecture

We are constantly thinking up new ways to innovate in a field where amazing innovation is already taking place. Check out our portfolio or reach out to our team to earn about the steps we are taking to integrate our architecture more in line with the environment.

Sustainable architecture is all about applying natural principles to the project at hand and getting as close to a net-zero carbon impact as possible. Book an appointment with us for your next project if you want your building to be a part of the shift.

Finding New Solutions to Very Old Problems

Most non-sustainable issues in architecture stem from a lack of innovation. In a lot of ways, architectural techniques have never changed. At Gooss & Associates AIA, we recognize that humanity’s relationship with nature is drastically shifting, and when you contact us, you’ll see how we are applying that philosophy to your project.

Focused on Reducing Overall Environmental Impact of Our Buildings

Reducing the environmental impact of a building can only happen with effective communication and creative innovation levels. We constantly stay updated on the latest green architecture literature and apply what we learn to our practice.

Locating and minimizing the big energy consumers within the project is our first step. We will source only the most sustainable materials for your project.

Repurposing and Other Low Impact Sustainable Architecture Methods

Sustainability in architecture can take many shapes. One of the more obvious ones is the sustainable repurposing of existing buildings. Essentially, it is like remodeling, except we re-design the entire space to be as environmentally friendly as possible while still being functional for the average person.

Minimizing Energy Waste Through Innovation

Another oft-overlooked element of sustainable architectural design is locating significant energy-wasting habits for the project in the long term.

When we design a building sustainably, we focus on building with the lowest carbon footprint possible. Some of our sustainable solutions include:

  • Solar panels
  • Rainwater collection and recycling
  • Use of renewable materials (bamboo, hemp, cork, flax, etc.)
  • Use of upcycled or recycled materials
  • Natural healing, cooling, and ventilation systems
  • Landscape integration
  • Spaces designed to be repurposed

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